Diabetes Patient Education

Does your child have diabetes? Learn more about managing their condition.

Diabetes Teaching Sheet Library

Get answers to your questions about caring for a child with diabetes. These Teaching Sheets are PDF files that are easily downloadable and printable for your convenience.

Diabetes Glossary

Hyperglycemia & Ketones
Hypoglycemia (Daytime)
Hypoglycemia (Nighttime)

Diabetes Guidelines

Diabetes-Ketone Treatment Guidelines
Dexcom G6 Guidelines
Insulin Calculations

Diabetes Support

Diabetes Community Resources
Insurance and Prescription Resources
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Living with Diabetes

Back to School
Diabetes and Exercise
Diabetes and Sports: The Coaches’ Perspective
Diabetes and Travel
Diabetes Diagnosis and the Adjustment Process

Managing Diabetes

Medical Management Plan Worksheet
Pattern Management
Pattern Control for Pumpers
Pump Log for Meal + Correction Dose
Sick Day Management

Diabetes Management Videos

Additional Diabetes Resources


Understanding Your Child’s Diabetes: What Are Insulin and Glucagon?

These hormones impact your child’s blood sugar levels.

Learn More


Hypoglycemia: What Should You Do If Your Child Has Low Blood Sugar?

Learn how to manage low blood sugar at all times of the day.

Learn More


Hyperglycemia and Ketoacidosis: What Should You Do If Your Child Has High Blood Sugar?

Treat high blood sugar so your child can avoid dangerous complications.

Learn More


Diabetes, Sports, and Exercise: How to Help Your Child Stay Active and Safe

Help your child participate in sports and other physical activities safely.

Learn More


What Should You Do If Your Child With Diabetes is Sick?

Manage blood sugar levels when your child is sick.

Learn More


How to Support Your Child at School When They Have Diabetes

Set your child up for success in the classroom.

Learn More


Diabetes Tools & Resources You Can Actually Use

Learn about in-person and online resources.

Learn More


Ways Your Family Can Cope With Your Child’s Diabetes

Help your whole family cope with your child’s diabetes diagnosis.

Learn More


Diabetes Insurance & Prescription Resources

These resources help control the cost of your child’s diabetes care.

Learn More


Traveling Tips When Your Child Has Diabetes

Make managing your child’s diabetes while traveling easier.

Learn More


When To Adjust Your Child’s Insulin Dose

Make sure your child is getting the right amount of insulin.

Learn More


Managing Your Child’s Blood Sugar with Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Here’s what you should know about your child’s Dexcom G6.

Learn More


Managing Your Child’s Blood Sugar with Dexcom G5 Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Read about monitoring glucose with your child’s Dexcom G5.

Learn More

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