Glucagon is a hormone that is produced in the pancreas by the alpha cells. It acts as a messenger in the body to cause stored sugars to be released from the liver.

When Do I Use Glucagon?

Use when your child is having a low blood sugar causing seizures (uncontrolled movements), OR if your child is unable to wake up, OR if your child is unable to drink safely. When in doubt give glucagon!

How To Use

  1. Check a blood sugar before giving this injection if possible.
  2. Remove cap from the bottle.
  3. Uncover the needle and put through the rubber stopper of the bottle.
  4. Push in fluid.
  5. Gently swirl the bottle until powder completely dissolved.
  6. Turn the bottle upside down. Draw out the amount the doctor has ordered:
    1. 0.5 cc if less than 5 years
    2. 1 cc if over 5 years
  7. Inject the Glucagon (just as you would an insulin injection) into the outer thigh or upper arm.
  8. Roll your child to his/her side.

Treatment After Glucagon Given

  1. Your child should start to wake up and respond within 15 minutes. If your child is not awake in 15 minutes, call 911!
  2. As soon as your child is awake and can swallow, start giving sugared fluids.
  3. Recheck the blood sugar – if less than 70, continue to give sugared fluids, similar to treating a low blood sugar.
  4. Once the blood sugar is over 70, give your child 15 grams of carbohydrate.
  5. Continue to check the blood sugar every 15 minutes until the blood sugar is over 100.
  6. Continue to check the blood sugar every hour to make sure the blood sugar stays above 100.
  7. Call the Diabetes Clinic (402-955-3871) after treatment and your child is awake and alert or with questions/concerns.

Helpful Tips

  • ALWAYS carry Glucagon with you/your child.
  • DO NOT HESITATE to use Glucagon. It is a safe medicine and may be life-saving.
  • Keep Glucagon at room temperature (59-86 degrees F). DO NOT LEAVE IT IN THE CAR. (If Glucagon is mixed, it is stable in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours)
  • Replace your kit if outdated. However, if expired and you have no other option; still use it!
  • Review the instructions each month.
  • Contact the Diabetes Clinic (402-955-3871) if you have problems getting Glucagon from the pharmacy.

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