Diabetes Tools & Resources You Can Actually Use

Diabetes resources

When you’re caring for a child with diabetes, extra support can go a long way — and it may be only a few clicks away right here on your screen. Some connect you with other families, some address finances, and others help you manage day-to-day tasks, such as carb counting.

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Here are some resources that can make raising a child with diabetes just a little bit easier for you and your family.

Support For Families With Diabetes

  • Extended Family Class at Children’s Omaha

    In this class, we teach all of the “basic survival skills” you learned when your child was first diagnosed. This class is offered monthly and is open to any caregiver of a child with diabetes, including relatives, family friends, teachers, day care providers, etc). Ask any Children’s staff member for more information and a class schedule — or you can call the diabetes team at 402-955-3871.
  • Support Activity Schedule Through National Organizations

    The American Diabetes Association and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation offer activities periodically throughout the year, which offer the opportunity for families who have a child with diabetes to meet others living with diabetes. The Children’s Diabetes Social Worker publishes an annual schedule of these activities every Fall, and it’s available in clinic by request at any time.

Financial Aid and Social Security Assistance

  • Sources of Financial Aid

    Expenses for diabetes can add up. If you are having difficulty paying for the cost of diabetes care or getting supplies, the diabetes education binder contains a Nebraska resources sheet and an Iowa Resources sheet that has more information about resources that may help.

    In Nebraska, there is also a program called the Medically Handicapped Children’s Program (MHCP). This program has income eligibility guidelines, as well as medical eligibility requirements. Unlike Medicaid — which covers all medical expenses if you are eligible — MHCP will only cover the expenses related to diabetes.

    If you are interested in this program, a Children’s Diabetes Social Worker can help you obtain a referral, and you can reach them by calling the diabetes team at 402-955-3871. If you are eligible, the program will pay bills back to the date the referral was made.

    Children’s Diabetes Social Worker are also available to help with other services, such as if you are ever experiencing difficulty obtaining diabetes supplies, arranging for medical transportation, or maintaining phone service. Please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help.

  • Social Security Disability Benefits

    Children ages 6 and younger: Children who have diabetes — who must be under the age of 6 and require daily insulin injections — might qualify for social disability benefits under section 109.08 in the current Social Security guidelines. Your child’s eligibility for disability benefits are based on your family’s financial status, income, and the child’s medical condition.

    Children ages 6 or over: Children who are age 6 or over and require daily insulin have different guidelines for eligibility, but the guidelines still include the financial status of your family and your child’s medical condition. Contact the Social Security office if you need more information on these benefits or call 800-772-1213.

Assistance With Diabetes Supplies

  • Diabetes Supply Center of the Midlands

    The Diabetes Supply Center of the Midlands is a one-stop shop for all of your diabetes supply needs. This location can make it easier to gather all of your supplies from one place.

    This service is not related to Children’s Diabetes Center and Children’s Hospital & Medical Center. Please call the Children’s Diabetes Center at 402-955-3871 if you have questions about any diabetes supplies or need assistance.

Mental Health Services

  • Children’s Behavioral Health clinic

    At Children’s Behavioral Health Clinic, a professional staff of psychologists is available to help children, adolescents, and parents resolve periods of crisis or conflict that can arise when living with diabetes. Please don’t hesitate to call the Behavioral Health Clinic directly at 402-955-3900, or if you live outside of the Omaha area, contact a Diabetes Social Worker at 402-955-3871, who will be happy to help you locate a resource in your area.

    Diabetes Social Workers at Children’s also have access to information on mental health resources in Omaha and across Nebraska and Iowa, and they can help you choose the one that’s right for your child

Camps For Children With Diabetes

Attending camps for children with diabetes is a great way to meet other kids with similar experiences — and make new friends at the same time. All of the camps offer “scholarships” or “camperships” to help pay the cost of camp. Contact any of these camps directly for more information on the camp program or financial assistance.

  • Nebraska Camps

    Camp Floyd Rogers is a week-long, overnight camp in June for kids with diabetes ages 8 to 18. All the usual summer camp activities are offered. This camp can only accept 100 children each year, and every year, several hundred children apply. Make sure you apply early (in February or March).

    If your child has never been to camp or has been diagnosed within the last year, they will have priority over children who have been to camp before. You can write “Never Been To Camp” and “Newly Diagnosed” in large letters on your application to increase their chances of being accepted.

    You can call 402-885-9022 or email [email protected] for more information.

    Camp Hot Shots is a 3-day camp (no overnight) made for children ages 6 to 11. Besides getting to meet other kids who have to poke fingers and take shots too, children will enjoy swimming, archery, horseback riding, crafts and more.

    You can contact them directly for more information.

  • Iowa Camps

    Camp Hertko Hollow is a camp that also allows kids the chance to enjoy all the usual summer camp activities. This camp offers 2 different week-long sessions for children in 2nd through 12th grades. Hertko Hollow also offers shorter sessions for children who are kindergarten through 1st grade.

    You can call 515-471-8523 or contact them online for more information.

Online Support

Children all around the world have diabetes — and there’s no reason you should go through it alone. These online resources may help you find information, answer questions, or just connect with other people with the same experiences.

These resources are not related to Children’s Diabetes Center and Children’s Hospital & Medical Center. Please call the Children’s Diabetes Center at 402-955-3871 if you have questions about any information provided by these resources.

Book Resources For Diabetes

There are also many books dedicated to helping support parents and children with diabetes. Remember, these resources are not related to Children’s Diabetes Center or Children’s Hospital & Medical Center. Please call the Children’s Diabetes Center at 402-955-3871 if you have questions about any information provided by these resources.

Do you still have questions about managing your child’s diabetes while traveling? Contact the diabetes team at Children’s Diabetes Center, Children’s Hospital & Medical Center at 402-955-3871 for more information about keeping your child safe while you travel.


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