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  • 0:37 — Overview of Children’s Home Healthcare Services
  • 0:56 — Our hours of operation
  • 1:13 — What to do if services are interrupted due to weather or natural disasters
  • 1:31 — Your patient rights and responsibilities
  • 1:57 — About patient charges (billing)
  • 2:40 — Your right to provide parent feedback
  • 3:02 — Information about advance directives for children 19 years and older
  • 3:09 — Joint Notice of Privacy Practices information

Caring for Someone at Home With COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be providing additional care for your child at home.
For additional information on caring for someone at home with COVID-19, refer to the CDC:
Caring for Someone at Home With COVID-19

Taking Your Child’s Blood Pressure

Download our teaching sheets to learn how to monitor your child’s blood pressure:

Watch this video to learn about the Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor: MDS4001

The goal of the Joint Commission Speak UP patient safety program is to help parents/caregivers become active in their child’s care. There are several topics for parent/caregivers to review. Children’s Home Healthcare staff want the parents/caregivers to Speak Up and partner with us ensuring better outcomes for the children we serve.

Make An Appointment

Your child will need a physician referral to receive Children’s Home Healthcare services. For more information about Children’s Home Healthcare, please call 402-955-7777.

Download the Home Healthcare Parent Handbook
Download the Home Healthcare Parent Handbook (Spanish)

Care for your child’s chronic medical needs doesn’t always happen at the hospital. In fact, they may be able to receive that hospital-quality care right at home, thanks to Children’s Home Healthcare service.

With Children’s Home Healthcare, your child will still be seen and treated by health professionals, such as nurses and physical or respiratory therapists. Our team can also help set up any in-home medical equipment, manage and administer medication, and provide you with the right tools and training to care for your child at home.

Your family plays an important part in your child’s home care. Our team will work with you to ensure you understand your child’s condition, how to administer any medications, which symptoms to watch out for, what to do if those symptoms arise, and how to use any medical devices your child needs.

Fast Facts
  • Your child will need a physician referral to receive Children’s Home Healthcare services.
  • Children’s Home Healthcare services are available by phone Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • To reach us, call 402-955-7777 or 800-747-7334 (toll-free). Our phone service is available 24/7. After hours, it may take up to 30 minutes to receive a callback.

What Services Does Children’s Home Healthcare Provide?

Our home healthcare team will assess your child’s medical needs and your home environment to determine what the best care plan for your child and your family.

Some of the more common services our team provides include:

  • Enteral Nutrition (Tube Feeding)

    If your child cannot eat enough by mouth or absorb enough nutrients from food due to illness, injury, decreased appetite, or difficulties swallowing, they must receive nutrition in a different way. One method is enteral nutrition or “tube feeding.”

    Tube feeding can be given through a long, soft tube placed through the nose into the stomach or bowel, or by a shorter tube, surgically placed directly through the skin into the stomach or bowel. Nutrition can be delivered by several different methods, including syringe bolus feeding, gravity feeding bags, or a feeding pump. Your child’s physician will determine the appropriate formula, feeding tube, and feeding method for your child.

    Children’s Home Healthcare will collaborate with your child’s healthcare team to provide initial and ongoing education, supplies, and support to you throughout the course of your child’s enteral nutrition therapy.

  • Home Medical Supplies

    We can help you order home medical supplies your child might need, such as ostomy products, straight catheters, respiratory equipment, feeding pump supplies, and wound care supplies. In some cases, our team is able to deliver these supplies to your home. In other cases, we can arrange for them to be shipped to your home.
  • Infusion Therapy

    We have the only specialized pediatric pharmacy in the region providing intravenous and other injectable medications, including Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN); IV antibiotics; hydration therapy; immune therapies; and individualized, dose-specific syringes for injection.
  • Respiratory Therapy

    Our respiratory therapists can monitor the oxygen levels in your child’s blood, assess their lung capacity, and make recommendations for any changes to their care plan. They can also show you how to operate any medical devices your child may need to help them breathe.

    Some common respiratory therapies provided at Children’s include:

    • Aerosol therapy: An aerosol device will deliver medication directly to the airway or lungs, which can help your child breathe more easily.
    • Apnea monitor therapy: An apnea monitor may be recommended to monitor your infant’s breathing after a stay in the NICU or other hospitalization. The monitor will alert you to changes in your child’s breathing or heart rate.
    • Oxygen therapy: Oxygen therapy uses a device that can increase the concentration of oxygen in your child’s breath as they inhale. A respiratory therapist can monitor oxygen levels in the blood and recommend any changes.
    • Ventilator management: If your child needs a ventilator (a machine that helps them breathe) for an extended period of time, our respiratory therapists can help decrease their risk for complications or damage to the lungs and airway.

Who Provides Home Healthcare?

Depending on your child’s needs, they may receive home healthcare services from:

  • Home health nurses visit your home to monitor your child’s condition, provide information regarding your child’s care, collect samples for laboratory analysis, manage your child’s central venous line or peripheral IV, oversee phototherapy, and address other healthcare needs your child may have
  • Private duty nurses who come to your home for a specific nursing shift (typically ranging from 4 to 12 hours) to provide ongoing care for complex medical needs
  • Respiratory therapists who can ensure that any respiratory-related medical equipment is working correctly

ENFit Enternal Tubing Standardization

This year, feeding tubes and feeding connections are changing. Learn more

Learn About ENFit

As Children’s transitions to ENFit, here is some more information about the new feeding tubes and connections:

Home Healthcare Additional Information

What To Do Next

For Patients

Your child will need a physician referral to receive Children’s Home Healthcare services. For more information about Children’s Home Healthcare, please call 402-955-7777.

For Referring Providers

To refer a patient to Home Healthcare services, please fax us an order at 402-955-5062.


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