Pediatric Radiology Patient Education

When your child needs a radiology (imaging) test, what should they expect? Learn more about the different types of radiology exams, how to prepare, and what you and your child can expect before, during, and after the test.


What Should I Expect When My Child Needs A CT Scan?

A CT scan takes detailed pictures of your child’s organs, bones, and other tissues.

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Why Does My Child Need Contrast Dye?

It helps distinguish certain parts of their body, such as organs or blood vessels, from surrounding tissue.

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Esophagrams, Upper GI, and Small Bowel Series…Oh My!

These test can help your child’s physician take a closer look at their esophagus, stomach, or small intestine

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A Voiding What? Your Guide to Voiding Cystourethrogram

This test uses fluoroscopy, which is an X-ray, to take a closer look at their urinary system

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Why Does My Child Need a Water Soluble Enema?

Water soluble enema is an X-ray that takes pictures of their colon

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MRI: A Look Behind the Scenes of Your Child’s Body

MRIs use a magnetic field, radio waves, and a computer to create detailed images of the inside of your child’s body

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Here’s What Happens When Your Child Needs a Catheter or IV:

Both of these devices provide the medical care that your child needs effectively

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Nitrous Oxide: Keeping Your Child Calm During a Procedure

Nitrous oxide is a very quick-acting inhaled sedation medicine to allow your child’s physician to safely do the procedures

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Everything You Need to Know About Your Child’s Nuclear Medicine Scan

Nuclear medicine allows your child’s physician to see all the way down to the molecules in their body

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How Does Radioiodine Therapy Treat My Child’s Thyroid Disease?

Radioiodine therapy shrinks or kills thyroid cells using radioactive iodine

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What Is EOS Imaging?

Children’s offers a low dose, 3D X-Ray imaging system — the EOS system® — that uses less radiation than a typical X-Ray

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Where’s the Lead Apron?

Shielding is no longer used during imaging exams. Learn how this change keeps your child safe.

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What To Do Next

For Patients

Your child will need an order from a provider to schedule a radiology procedure. Once the order is placed, call 402-955-6799 to schedule the procedure. Take advantage of our offsite clinics to save yourself a trip to the hospital. Please call ahead, as not all studies can be completed offsite.

Information on X-ray imaging services locations can be found here.

Information on imaging services offered at the Children’s Specialty Pediatric Clinic in Lincoln can be found here.

For Referring Providers

The Physicians’ Priority Line is your 24-hour link to pediatric specialists at Children’s for referrals, emergency and urgent consults, physician-to-physician consults, admissions, and transport services. Call 855-850-KIDS (5437).

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