Legislative Update 4/11/2022: Mental Health, Surprise Billing, & The New Year

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This is the legislative update for April 11, 2022. View all updates here.

The April 11, 2022, legislative update includes highlights from the state legislature.

State Updates

Nebraska Legislature

Last Tuesday, Nebraska Senators gave their final approval to the Appropriations Committee’s mid-biennium budget adjustment package. (Translation: A biennium is a period of two years.)

These adjustments include:

  • LB1013: Introduced by Speaker Hilgers, LB1013 changes provisions relating to the state’s rainy-day fund.
    • The bill uses $513 million from the cash reserve for a variety of transfers outlined in other bills introduced this session.
    • The bill also sets aside $175 million for the Nebraska Capital Construction Fund for a potential new state penitentiary — but does not authorize the spending of the funds to build. Prison sentencing reform has largely focused on mental health needs and support for an overcrowded prison population.
  • LB1011: Adjusts appropriations for state operations, aid, and construction programs in the current and next fiscal year. Among its many provisions, this budget bill includes:

2022 Midterm Elections

Nebraska’s Primary Election is coming up quickly on May 10, so don’t forget to register to vote!

The deadline to register is April 22. Keep in mind that your Primary Election ballot choices will reflect your party designation on your Voter ID. (Translation: If you are registered with a political party, you will receive the primary ballot for that political party. If you are not registered with a political party, you can not vote for candidates who are running for partisan offices other than Congressional representatives, unless a ballot has been opened to nonpartisan voters.)

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