Transition To Pediatric Nursing Program: Adult To Pediatric Nursing

Transitioning from the adult care setting to the pediatric care setting can feel like a new world. You will find that children’ aren’t mini adults – they have different medical and psychosocial needs, and their own way of communicating those needs. To help ease this transition and best prepare our nurses and paramedics as pediatric health professionals, we have developed a specialized program tailored to staff who have worked a minimum of one year with the adult population but have little to no experience working in pediatrics. This program is designed to help you understand the differences between adult and pediatric care by providing you with both knowledge and clinical experience. The program is a combination of clinical orientation time with a qualified preceptor and virtual didactic education sessions that are completed at designated intervals over the first 6 months of hire.

Virtual content includes:

  • Program & Organizational Introduction
  • Magnet
  • Differences in Pediatrics Case Study
  • Pediatric Legal Considerations
  • Ethics & Spiritual Distress
  • Service Excellence
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Pediatric Emergencies
  • Childhood Abuse & Neglect Case Study

The Transition to Pediatrics didactic courses are automatically assigned as a part of the orientation process, which will vary in length relative to individual orientation needs and unit or area of hire.


For more information on the Transition to Pediatric Nursing Program, please contact Annette Schnell via email at [email protected].


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