Shadow Learning

The Shadow Learning program at Children’s Nebraska allows college students to observe medical professionals in action in a healthcare setting. During your healthcare shadowing experience, you will only observe — you will not be allowed to perform work or skills of any kind.

Applying For Shadow Learning

Shadow requests are not guaranteed to be fulfilled, as it is up to the Children’s employee to accept a shadow student.

We require that all applicants provide medical records. You will need to submit a full immunization record, including documentation of the vaccination for the current flu season and an annual negative indication for tuberculosis.

All immunization records must include:

  • MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella): Two valid vaccination dates OR a positive titer
  • Varicella (Chicken Pox): Two valid vaccination dates OR a positive titer
  • Hepatitis B: Three valid vaccination dates AND positive titer; OR a positive titer alone
  • TDAP (Tetanus): Documentation within the past 10 years
  • Influenza: Documentation of ANNUAL vaccine during the current flu season;
  • Tuberculosis Baseline Screening (before assignment) we will accept any one of the following:
    • Blood test: Negative Quantiferon gold (QFT) – no older than one year from start date
    • Blood test: Negative T-spot – no older than one year from start date
    • Skin test: Two valid TST – first within a year and a second step within six weeks of Children’s start date
    • For Past Positive: Proof of treatment plan and a current health questionnaire filled out within six weeks of Children’s start date
  • Tuberculosis Annual Screening (if applicable) – completion of the TB Risk Assessment and Symptom Review form
  • Any other medical screenings or immunizations required at the time of registration

There are several levels of shadow learner experiences available:

  • Nursing Shadow Learner (MSN-DNP Grad Student) for those who need shadow experiences as part of their graduate program credit. For more information, contact the Nursing Education Office at 402-955-4582
  • Shadow Learner (Nursing & Non-Academic Credit) for college students who are seeking to learn more about nursing before entering nursing school. To apply through the Nursing Education Office, follow these instructions.
  • Shadow Learner (Non-Nursing & Non-Academic Credit) for people who are interested in learning more about all other healthcare professions. To apply through the Office of Education, follow these instructions.

Career Quest

Career Quest is a one-day learning experience tailored to high school juniors and seniors. Students will be able to spend the day exploring roles such as nursing, rehab, behavioral health, respiratory therapy, pharmacy, radiology and more.

The day is filled with hands-on learning activities and deeper discussions on what certain clinical roles look like on a daily basis. Additionally, our college and university partners will be on-site to help students map out educational pathways.

Visit our Career Quest webpage to learn more and to register.

Career Quest will replace the Day In The Life program at Children’s Nebraska.


For more information about nursing related shadow learning contact [email protected] or for information about non-nursing shadow learning [email protected].


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