Breastfeeding Support: Lactation Consultations & The Milk Depot

smiling mother holds infant close to faceBreast milk offers the best nutrition for your baby’s growth and development. But breastfeeding can be challenging, especially after delivery. That’s why the lactation consultants at Children’s Nebraska can support you and your child in reaching your breastfeeding goals.

Our lactation team has board-certified lactation consultants providing services for mothers of inpatient babies. Every mother and baby admitted who is breastfeeding or receiving pumped milk may be seen by a lactation consultant.

This visit may be simply a supportive visit. Or we can visit to give instruction for getting started with pumping to provide milk for a fragile infant or assist with breastfeeding difficulties. If you’re an inpatient mom whose baby is staying at the hospital, we will work with you as much as you need during your baby’s entire stay to help you reach your breastfeeding goals.

Help With Breastfeeding: Who Can See A Lactation Consultant?

If you’re a breastfeeding mom and your newborn or infant is staying at the hospital, a member of the lactation consultation team would be happy to visit with you. Ask your baby’s nurse to set up a visit during your baby’s stay.

If your baby has a planned surgery or other type of hospital stay and have questions about breastfeeding and pumping while you’re here, contact a lactation consultant prior to the planned hospital stay by calling 402-955-6152 or emailing [email protected]

Lactation Consultation services include:

  • One-on-one instruction and support with breastfeeding (positioning and latching correctly)
  • Guidance on selecting the right pump for your needs
  • Instruction on how to pump, collect, and store your breast milk
  • Support for issues with milk production, latching, and babies not gaining weight well
  • Information on supplementing baby’s diet
  • Support for you as a mom with your individual breastfeeding goals
  • Resources in the community 
Fast Facts
Under the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies may cover the cost of breast pumps. Contact your insurance provider for more information.

Breast Pumps & Pump Rooms

Lactation and pumping equipment are available so that you may pump at your child’s bedside.

Most of the inpatient units also have hospital-grade pumps and lactation rooms available. All of the pump rooms throughout the hospital are private. They’re equipped with a comfortable chair, an electric breast pump, a sink, and sanitary wipes for cleaning the pump. Because the pumps may be shared among moms, we offer pumps designed to allow each mom to have her own kit and prevent mixing with a prior mom’s milk.

There are also pump rooms in the Specialty Pediatric Center for outpatient visitors. Pump rooms for both inpatient and outpatient moms are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on a first-come, first-served basis. No keys or sign-up are required.

When you’re ready to purchase a pump for use at home, we can assist you with selecting a pump and getting replacement parts. Pumping supplies and accessories are also available in the Gift Shop.

About Children’s Milk Depot

If you’re a new mom with an abundant milk supply, you may qualify for donating breast milk to the Milk Depot to support other moms and premature babies.

Because of all the nutrients, breast milk is both food and medicine for babies in medical need, but it’s not always available for moms who are not producing sufficient milk.

Milk Depot services include:

  • Putting potential milk donors in touch with the Mother’s Milk Bank in Denver for a brief phone interview (If approved, the Denver Milk Bank will send you paperwork and blood tubes via mail)
  • Keeping frozen milk for donation until it can be shipped to the milk bank for pasteurization and processing
  • Providing blood draws for donor mothers through the hospital lab (as part of a health/safety screening for potential donors)
  • Offering drive-up and drop-off services for milk donors
  • All services are free of charge

Experience the satisfaction of knowing your milk will help a baby in need. Interested in donating? Call Children’s lactation consultants at 402-955-6152 or email [email protected].

“We are a service for mothers, and we want to support their breastfeeding goals. We’re not here to push one way or the other, but to support whatever goals a mother has in mind.”

—Stephanie Plouzek, Lactation Consultant, Children’s Nebraska

If you are a mom who would like to receive donated breast milk, email the lactation consultation team at [email protected] for contact information to the milk bank closest to you.

What To Do Next

For Mothers Of Inpatient Children

Mothers of inpatient newborns and infants, who are at Children’s for a hospital stay, can reach a lactation consultant through your baby’s nursing staff. Lactation consultants are available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

For Mothers Of Outpatient Children

Pump rooms are accessible in the Specialty Pediatric Center for outpatient visitors. Outpatient pump rooms are open during business hours on a first-come, first-served basis. No keys or sign-up is required. And for more local breastfeeding resources talk to your primary care provider.


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