Our Partnerships & Affiliations

As the only hospital in the area solely dedicated to pediatric care, we have the knowledge, expertise, and passion to accomplish our goals of ensuring that every child has access to exceptional care, and to become a global leader for children’s health.

But we can’t do it alone.

We have healthcare partnerships and affiliations with local, regional, and national organizations. This allows Children’s providers, staff, and patients and their families, to benefit from a large pool of experts — from right here at home, to across the country.

Partnerships & Affiliations

While our list of partners is always growing, we invite you to learn more about our current partnerships and affiliations:

University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Medicine

Our affiliation with the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) allows us to work with UNMC in many different areas, including:

  • Research: The Child Health Research Institute is a partnership that promotes research in pediatric health, consolidates research in pediatric disease from both hospitals into one institute, and advances knowledge about childhood health and diseases.
  • Clinical care:
    • The Genetics Clinic works with children who have suspected or confirmed genetic disorders.
    • The Adult Congenital Heart Disease (ACHD) program treats adults with congenital heart disease (CHD), supports patients as they transition from pediatric to adult care, and provides high-risk pregnancy care for mothers with CHD.
  • Education: Medical residents in our Joint Residency Program complete some portions of their education and training at UNMC, in order to gain experience in the traditional university medical center setting.
Fast Facts

Since collaborating with UNMC through an affiliation agreement in 2007, the partnership has resulted in:

  • Twice as many pediatric specialists caring for children in Omaha, doubling from 90 in 2007 to more than 200 today
  • Pediatric clinical research trials increasing from seven in 2007 to more than 200 today
  • Three times the amount of research funding — from $3 million in 2008 to $11 million in 2016
  • A surge in visits to our outpatient specialty clinics from 35,000 visits in 2009 to about 100,000 each year

Creighton University Medical Center

Creighton University Medical Center is another one of our primary partners. As part of CHI Health — a regional healthcare network of Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) — Creighton shares the CHI mission of commitment to healing mind, body, and spirit.

Our initiatives with Creighton include:

  • Clinical care:
    • Our primary care practice, Children’s Physicians, is a joint venture between Children’s and Creighton.
    • The Fetal Care Center at Children’s is operated in affiliation with Creighton. Together, Children’s and Creighton work with mothers before, during, and after delivery to provide a coordinated plan of care, and to help ensure the best outcome for mother and child.
  • Creighton also participates in the Joint Residency Program (along with UNMC). As an inner-city medical center,
  • Creighton is where residents receive most of their trauma training.

Learn more about Creighton University Medical Center
Learn more about CHI Health

Nebraska Medical Association

The Nebraska Medical Association represents nearly 3,000 current physicians, retired physicians, residents, and medical students across the state. The Association works to advocate for medical professionals and their patients, as well as for the health of all citizens of Nebraska.

Children’s works with the Nebraska Medical Association on the ENERGY Playbook program — a resource for organizations to add fitness classes for children ages 6 to 12 who are overweight. The Nebraska Medical Association also accredits Children’s to provide continuing education opportunities and credits to physicians.

Learn more about the Nebraska Medical Association

Prosper Lincoln

Prosper Lincoln is an organization that brings together community leaders — including Children’s — to set priorities and strategies for ensuring that all children in the region have access to the healthcare, family structure, education, and nutrition they need to thrive.

Learn more about Prosper Lincoln

Ambassador Omaha

Children’s Pulmonary Medicine has partnered with The Ambassador Omaha to provide pulmonary services to its inpatient pediatric patients.

The Ambassador is a long-term care and rehabilitative facility, dedicated to helping children recover from injuries, illnesses, or complications of premature birth. Their Pediatric Special Care Unit is one of only a handful in the nation, as well as the only one of its kind in Nebraska.

When Ambassador patients need pulmonary care, the Children’s pulmonology team works with the rehabilitation experts at The Ambassador to bring young patients top-notch pulmonary care. This partnership is under the supervision of our very own Paul Sammut, M.D., pediatric pulmonologist and Clinical Service Chief of Pulmonary Medicine here at Children’s.

Learn more about Ambassador

Children’s Oncology Group

The Children’s Oncology Group (COG) is the largest organization in the world that is devoted exclusively to childhood and adolescent cancer research. We are a member of COG, and our oncology and hematology providers constantly participate in the latest research and treatment protocols.

Learn more about Children’s Oncology Group


ImproveCareNow is a collaboration between clinicians, researchers, parents, and patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or Crohn’s disease. It aims to empower members to learn more about IBD and Crohn’s, improve care for children with these conditions, and lower care costs.

As a participant in ImproveCareNow, our gastroenterology team is able to access and share evidence-based practices and research with other facilities.

Learn more about ImproveCareNow

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals

This is one of the nation’s top providers for medical and physical rehabilitation, and they are known for the excellence in pediatric care. Their main specialties include complex medical care, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, severe stroke, neurological problems, and pulmonary conditions. Children’s employs specialty physicians at the Lincoln campus, which makes care more accessible for Lincoln families, and reduces patient travel from Lincoln to Omaha.

Learn more about Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals
Learn more about the Lincoln campus

Project Harmony

Project Harmony is a National Children’s Alliance-accredited child advocacy center that provides care to children who may have been abused or neglected. The center’s Medical Director is one of our very own Child Advocacy pediatricians, Suzanne Haney, MD, FAAP. Dr. Haney is always aware of the most advanced ways to recognize, treat, and protect children from abuse and neglect, and is able to bring the expertise and resources of Project Harmony to Children’s.

Learn more about Project Harmony

Project ECHO

Project ECHO is a telementoring model. It improves capacity and access to specialty care by linking primary care providers with expert specialists through teleECHO™ clinics.

We are able to bring experts together to review cases in real-time as well as offer online learning sessions with primary care clinics in the region. This allows community providers to manage difficult, specialized patient cases and share their expertise via guidance, feedback, and education.

Learn more about Project ECHO


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