Welcome Nursing Students & Interns

Welcome Nursing Students & Interns

Standardized Online Orientation for Nursing Students for Children’s Nebraska.
This website contains orientation information about Children’s Nebraska for you, the student to complete. This online orientation is meant to prepare you for our most basic policies and practices. You will also receive a live orientation to Children’s Nebraska from your Instructor or Preceptor once you arrive for clinical. This online orientation has 6 modules which you will need to complete prior to coming to Children’s Nebraska.

Dear Student Nurse

Module 1 Information about Children’s Nebraska

Module 2 Specific information about Patient Care

Module 3 Observation Experiences

Module 4 Child Abuse & Neglect

Module 5 Additional Modules to complete

Module 6 – Student Evaluation of Children’s Experience
(Module 6 to be completed at the conclusion of clinical pediatric rotation at Children’s. Log back in to this on your last week with your instructors and follow directions to survey evaluation link.)

The content in the Additional Modules section must be reviewed and specific forms printed, signed and turned in to your instructor/preceptor on the first day of your clinical experience at Children’s Nebraska. You will not be able to participate in clinical or deliver patient care without completing and turning in these forms.

Please refer additional questions about Children’s Nebraska to your instructor.


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