For Providers: Orthopedics

Children’s Orthopedic providers are well-known for being the only providers in the region who have subspecialty training in treating complex disorders, such as scoliosis and metabolic disease, from birth to the teenage years.

Spine Deformity Program

Our Spine Deformity Program is the only program of its kind in the region. Our multidisciplinary team of specialists are dedicated to helping patients and families navigate spinal deformities from diagnosis to treatment to recovery. Patients will engage with our nurse coordinator dedicated to the management of spine deformity patients.

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Sports Medicine

Children’s Orthopedics and Sports Medicine provides a quality of care that focusses on very acute, rare conditions including bone, joint and muscle injuries to simple fractures, surgical intervention and concussion management so adolescents can return to activities and learning.

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EOS imaging

As experts in children, our providers are skilled in proper diagnosis and treatment of growth plate injuries which is crucial to preventing long-term side effects. We are the only hospital in Nebraska offering EOS imaging. This type of X-ray uses 50 to 80% less radiation than a standard X-ray.

Multi-specialty Clinics

Our skilled specialist offer several multi-specialty clinics, where providers work together to treat these complex disorders such as Metabolic Bone Disease, Cerebral Palsy, Myelomeningocele, Neuromuscular Disease and Clubfoot. Our clinics include; Complex Care Clinic, Neuromuscular Clinic, Neurofibromatosis Clinic, Skeletal Dysplasia Clinic.

Refer a Patient

Our goal with our referring provider partners is to make the process of referring a patient as smooth as possible. Download our referral form, and learn more about the process.
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