Attestation of Hubbard New Facility Orientation for Contracted Interpreters

Acknowledgement of Hubbard New Facility Orientation completion:

I have completed the on-line Hubbard New Facility Orientation requirements. Click to agree.

I understand the following:

a. Physical layout of the new Hubbard building.

b. Parking assignments are the same as before the Hubbard opens.

c. There are building connections between Hubbard & Wiebe on every floor except Hubbard 7th. The primary public connection is on 1st floor, and the primary staff connections are on LL3, LL1 and 1st floor. Other connections are for patient transport only.

d. Scanning my badge is required to enter and exit all patient care areas in Hubbard and Wiebe.

e. Hubbard has 2 main stairwells. One is located near the 6-pack of Service Elevators, and the second is located on the west side near the 2-pack of public elevators (by the Hubbard & SPC connection).

f. Fire extinguishers are positioned every 75 feet, and from any location there are at least 2 Exit options visible.

g. Heavy Fire doors close automatically with alarms to create smoke/fire compartments.

h. The general evacuation plan/route is to 1st move horizontal (between fire compartments or across to Wiebe building); 2nd move vertical down floors; and 3rd exit building to outside (as directed).

i. Each area has a Department Specific Disaster Plan, and I will follow direction according to the disaster plan.

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