Donate Snacks and Meals to the Carolyn Scott Rainbow House

The Rainbow House is our guesthouse for out-of-town families while their child is receiving care at Children’s. The Rainbow House provides donated meals and pantry items, when they are available, to help ease the financial burden.

Sign up to Provide a Meal

When signing up, please be sure to give us a contact phone number in the event we may need to get a hold of you.

For further information or if you have any questions please call at 402-955-7815 or email [email protected].

Rainbow House Meal Guidelines

Quantity: Bring enough dinner to serve 50 guests. This would equal four 9 x 13 casseroles or the equivalent. This is more of a guideline to help you plan your meal. You can always check with Rainbow House staff as the date you scheduled gets closer to confirm the number of guests.

Type of Food: An ideal meal would include a main dish, salad, and dessert. Please stay away from exotic or spicy foods. Although our families are appreciative of any meal that comes in, we ask for you to check what is being served via the calendar as we do receive a lot of pasta dishes and would like to avoid multiple pasta meals in one week. If you would like to bring in chips or other snack or dessert items with a meal, we prefer that they come in single-serving, individual packages, as this provides a safer food environment for guests.

Condiments: If you are bringing a salad or an item you feel needs a condiment, please feel free to bring those items in. To prevent cross-contamination, please be sure the condiment is in a squeeze type (bottle) container.

Suggestions: Ranch and/or Italian dressing, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise

Pans: Please bring food in disposable pans for the ease of the staff and yourself as well as safety requirements. If covered with aluminum foil, you can use a marker to write the heating and cooking time on the top.

Timing: Mealtime is 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., Sunday through Thursday.

Pantry Donation Lists

Food and beverage items such as pop, hot chocolate, individually wrapped snacks and more can be donated to the Carolyn Scott Rainbow House or the Rainbow Suites. Non-food items such as Kleenex, batteries, deodorant and more can also be donated to help. Download the full pantry lists below or check out the Amazon Wish List.

Rainbow House Pantry List
Rainbow Suites Pantry List
Rainbow House Amazon Wish List


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