Sustainability at Children’s Nebraska

Our Commitment to Building a Sustainable Future

In April, 2019, we surveyed employees, staff, and faculty across Children’s Nebraska about sustainability. The responses showed the value of sustainability to employees, and their knowledge and awareness of it. According to the survey results, 87% of respondents find it very important or important that Children’s be committed to sustainability and take more active steps toward it. Specifically, employees are interested in taking steps to recycling, energy conservation, and eliminating Styrofoam. These results led to the formation of the Children’s Sustainability Steering Committee, focused and prioritized our efforts, and shaped our master plans.

Thanks to input from the Children’s employees, we were able to develop a plan to improve sustainability — now and in years to come.


For the next 5 years, our focus will be on broadening the efforts to include the hospital, Children’s Physicians and other Children’s facilities. In addition, we will be studying purchasing processes, green or LEED design, and the clinical impact of devices and their reuse. The Steering Committee will benchmark against national leaders.


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