Transformation In Progress

transformation in progress

Now more than ever, the demand for high-quality pediatric services is on the rise. In response, Children’s Nebraska is expanding — in size, scope and services — to create capacity and continue to meet the needs of children and families.

Perhaps the most visible sign of this growth is the ongoing construction of the Hubbard Center for Children on Children’s main campus at 84th and Dodge Streets. It will be a nine-story, state-of-the-art clinical facility, opening in 2021. The Hubbard Center for Children will house newborn and pediatric intensive care units, cardiac and cancer units, surgical space and much more. Steel grids that will support the new facility and its parking ramp are steadily rising toward the sky, with construction on schedule and proceeding smoothly.

In early 2019, Children’s will move into HDR’s former headquarters, two spacious buildings located west of 84th Street. The move will not only bring together many employees now located remotely onto one central campus, but it also will provide modern office space and more parking. Construction of a skywalk across 84th Street to connect the hospital and former HDR properties is scheduled for completion in fall 2019.

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