Molly B. Johnson, APRN

My Medical Specialty: Pediatrics
female | Speaks: English

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My name is Molly Johnson, and I’m a certified pediatric nurse practitioner at Children’s Physicians in Council Bluffs.

I’ve always loved kids, ever since I was younger. I volunteered with a lot of different kids, oncology kids, kids with special needs. It’s just something I’ve kind of always grown up doing and I just knew that I wanted to work with kids.

As a walk-in provider, I see a lot of the common illnesses — a lot of colds, sore throats, and rashes. Patients can walk in for anything and everything. We’re open all day, as opposed to urgent care, which is open in the evenings.

A lot of patients that we see have tried to call and get in to see their primary care doctor that day and they can’t because their doctor is full or busy. So a lot of times, they send them to us.

We try really hard to be in communication with their primary doctor and send them notes or send them questions, or send them a message and say, “Hey we saw this patient, this is what we did. We’re going to have them follow up with you in X number of days …” to try to keep that consistent communication in the continuity of care.

Even though we’re a walk-in and we see them one time and never again, I want to make sure that they’re getting the best care they can get.

Board Certification

Pediatric Nursing


Nursing School: University of Nebraska College of Nursing
Advanced Degree: University of Nebraska College of Nursing/Nurse Practitioner

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