Epilepsy & COVID-19: Are Children With Seizures at Greater Risk?

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Worrying about the COVID-19 pandemic is natural for any parent — and that worry can be even higher if your child has a chronic condition like epilepsy.

Currently, there is no evidence that people with epilepsy are at a higher risk for getting COVID-19 or for having a severe case if they get the virus. However, depending on how well your child’s epilepsy is controlled, their seizure triggers, or if they have other chronic conditions, COVID-19 may have an impact on their seizures.

Here is what you need to know about the relationship between COVID-19 and epilepsy:




Content created by Epilepsy Foundation, May 2020

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Contact your child’s neurologist at 402-955-5372 to learn more about COVID-19 and epilepsy or if you have any concerns.


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