ENFit Enternal Tubing Standardization

A new way to connect feeding tubes and sets

This year, feeding tubes and feeding connections are changing. This affects:

• The end piece of the feeding tubes where the feeding bag tubing connects
• The feeding bag pointed end
• The syringes used to put medicine in the tubes

This change will prevent accidental connections to other tubing, such as IV catheters. Health care providers worldwide are making this change, with the full support of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Children’s is making this change in May of 2021. If you are a home health customer, please contact your home supply company for ENFit transition information.

What if my child is hospitalized or seen in an Emergency Department?

Because some providers may use the new ENFit connectors sooner than others, you may take the ENFit adapter to the doctor’s office or hospital if you think they may need to use your child’s feeding tube.

View ENFit Enternal Tubing Standardization PDF



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