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A Voiding What? Your Guide To Voiding Cystourethrograms

Every time your child takes a sip of water, milk, or their favorite juice, they are putting their urinary system to work. This system — which removes waste, makes hormones, creates red blood cells, and keeps their bones strong — plays an essential role in your child’s health and wellbeing. Your child’s urinary system consists […]

About Cochlear Implants

A traditional hearing aid is helpful for many children with mild or moderate hearing loss, but it’s not always enough for children with severe hearing loss. If a traditional aid is not giving your child the help they need, your child may be eligible for a cochlear implant. Here’s what you need to know if […]

Acute Pain Management Service

Here at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, we recognize and honor the unique pain experience that each child faces. We treat each child and condition individually and include the patient’s family in our approach to managing pain. We cover all ages of children using a variety of methods for pain management. We believe it is […]

Adolescent Medicine

At the Adolescent and Young Adult Clinic at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, we are dedicated to helping our young adult patients navigate the transition from childhood into adulthood. We provide routine care and work with young adults between the ages of 11 and 21 on addressing the challenges and changes that are unique to […]

Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

Coughs, runny noses, stomach aches, feeling a bit breathless after a lot of physical activity — these are normal parts of childhood. But when these symptoms are severe or frequent — especially after eating a certain food or simply walking up the stairs — they may be signs of asthma or allergy. What Sets Children’s […]

Asthma Center of Excellence

The Asthma Center of Excellence at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center is committed to delivering exceptional pediatric asthma care, across a continuum of healthcare settings, through innovation, advocacy, education, and research. Our multidisciplinary team of specialists has the knowledge and skills to treat all types of asthma and other co-existing conditions that can mimic or […]


Each year, approximately one of every 1,000 infants is born with severe to profound permanent hearing loss and six in every 1,000 infants are born with varying degrees of hearing loss. Early detection and intervention are extremely important for children because hearing loss at a young age can impair speech and language development. The Audiology […]

Autism Diagnostic Clinic

Autism is a developmental disorder that affects behavior and communication. While the most obvious signs tend to start showing around 2 to 3 years of age, your child may be diagnosed earlier — possibly as early as 18 months old. It is a spectrum disorder, which means type and severity of symptoms can vary drastically […]

Behavioral Health

When your child’s behaviors or thoughts are disrupting their day-to-day functioning, health, and well-being, they may have a behavioral or mental health disorder. But what about when these unusual behaviors and feelings happen most of the time? Behavioral health professionals at Children’s Nebraska are experts at treating children of all ages with behavioral or mental […]

Cancer & Blood Disorders

When your child receives a cancer or blood disorder diagnosis, it might seem like time stands still. You’re scared. You have questions — and we completely understand. At Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, we are here to guide you, your child, and your family. Pediatric hematology and pediatric oncology are two related medical specialties that […]

Cardiac Care (Heart Center)

When a child is born with a congenital heart defect, it can create complex emotions in parents: fear, uncertainty, resolve, determination. One thing all parents have in common: They want their children to have the best cardiac care possible. From minor murmurs to major defects, disorders, and diseases, Children’s Nebraska offers comprehensive cardiac care programs […]

Caring For Your Child’s Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt

Fluid — also known as cerebrospinal fluid or “CSF” — provides cushion and protection around the brain. If too much fluid builds up in the brain, it can cause brain damage and lead to serious problems for your child’s health. If left untreated, this fluid can be life-threatening. A ventriculoperitoneal (VP) shunt may be placed […]

Children’s Survivorship Clinic

Thanks to the advancements in cancer treatment, more and more children that are diagnosed with cancer are surviving into adulthood. Battling cancer is a serious hardship on its own, but recovery can come with its own challenges. After surviving cancer, health problems (late effects) can develop years after your child has completed treatment. Your child’s […]

Children’s Urgent Care Clinics

Our Emergency Room and Urgent Care locations are seeing very high demand. Long wait times can be expected. Please contact your child’s primary care provider first and they will help decide where you should go for care. Learn More about Virtual Visits Virtual visits can be scheduled for the following symptoms: Urgent Care Wait Times […]

Children’s Advocacy Team

The Children’s Advocacy Team is dedicated to ensuring that every child is safe and healthy, and that the adults in their lives have the resources they need to ensure that. If there are concerns for trauma in a child’s life, we are here to help. In addition to providing treatment and support, we also provide […]

Chronic Pain Management

It’s never easy to watch your child in pain — and it can be especially difficult if they have chronic (long-lasting) pain. If your child has chronic pain, know that you are not alone. Many children and families are affected by it, and it can have a significant impact on their lifestyle and overall well […]

Cochlear Implant Program

Just a few decades ago, there were no effective treatments for children with severe hearing loss. But in 2000, when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved cochlear implants in children 12 months of age and older, the world of treating hearing loss changed. A traditional hearing aid is helpful for many children with mild […]

Complex Care Clinic (CCC)

The Children’s Hospital & Medical Center’s Complex Care Clinic (CCC) includes the entire family and the primary care physician in a global approach to caring for children with medically complex conditions. Including the family in the plan of care helps them learn to adjust and respond to complex medical issues. Complex Care Clinic patients often have […]

Cystic Fibrosis Center

The Nebraska Regional Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Center is the only Cystic Fibrosis Foundation-accredited center in the region. The center provides diagnosis and treatment for both inpatients and outpatients with pediatric cystic fibrosis utilizing a multidisciplinary approach to specialized care provided by pulmonologists, nutritionists, respiratory therapists, social workers, coordinators and research technologists. All staff, doctors, and […]


The skin is the largest organ in the body — and it plays a critical role in your child’s overall health. There are many disorders that can cause damage to your child’s skin, which can have far-reaching impacts on multiple aspects of their overall health and wellbeing. At the Division of Pediatric Dermatology at Children’s […]

Developmental Pediatrics

Developmental pediatricians care for children or teens who may have developmental delays, disabilities, learning difficulties or behavior challenges. Children with these issues often face problems in the school setting, at home and with peers. The Developmental Pediatrics team at Children’s Nebraska provides comprehensive care for children with developmental, behavioral or emotional disorders. We also provide […]

Diabetes Education: Print Materials for Nurses and Educators

Download our teaching sheets for more information on caring for a child with diabetes: Diabetes Glossary Glucagon Hyperglycemia & Ketones Hypoglycemia (Daytime) Hypoglycemia (Nighttime) Insulin Diabetes Guidelines Diabetes-Ketone Treatment Guidelines Dexcom G5 Guidelines Dexcom G6 Guidelines Insulin Calculations Diabetes Support Diabetes Community Resources Insurance and Prescription Resources Prescription Assistance Programs Living with Diabetes Back to […]

Diabetes Insurance & Prescription Resources

The financial burden of diabetes can be overwhelming. Whether you need to purchase medical supplies or prescriptions or you’re footing the bill for frequent doctor’s appointments, the expenses can add up. Diabetes services and supplies are essential for managing their diabetes. Fortunately, there are programs that can relieve some of this burden. View This Sheet […]

Diabetes Tools & Resources You Can Actually Use

When you’re caring for a child with diabetes, extra support can go a long way — and it may be only a few clicks away right here on your screen. Some connect you with other families, some address finances, and others help you manage day-to-day tasks, such as carb counting. View This Sheet as a […]

Diabetes, Sports, and Exercise: How To Help Your Child Stay Active And Safe

You probably already know that exercise is good for your child. Children need exercise to keep their heart and lungs healthy, maintain a healthy body weight, and keep their cholesterol levels and blood sugars normal. But if your child has diabetes, you may have additional questions or concerns about how to keep your child safe. […]

Down Syndrome

If you have a child with Down syndrome, you know that this condition impacts all aspects of your child’s development. The Down syndrome programs at Children’s believes in providing the best care to help your child reach their full potential. We ensure families are supported by a multidisciplinary pediatric team specialized in meeting your child’s […]

Ear, Nose & Throat

Ear, nose, and throat (ENT) physicians treat disorders and diseases of the ears, nose, throat, sinuses, larynx (voice box), mouth, and structures of the neck or face. These conditions can range from sinus infections to tumors of the head or neck. Some ENT problems like mild ear infections are annoying and painful, but are not […]

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders affect how people view and deal with food, eating, and weight. This can mean many things — from not eating at all to eating significantly more than necessary. Over time, these disorders can damage someone’s physical, mental, and social health. If a child is struggling with an eating disorder, they are not alone — […]

Emergency Medicine

Our Emergency Room and Urgent Care locations are seeing very high demand. Long wait times can be expected. Please contact your child’s primary care provider first and they will help decide where you should go for care. One adult may accompany patients in Children’s Emergency Department waiting area. A second adult may join when the […]

Emergency Vs. Urgent Care

Children’s offers both urgent and emergency medical care for our patients. Our urgent care clinics are located at the Children’s Urgent Care, West Village Pointe and Children’s Urgent Care, Dundee locations in the Omaha area. They offer both evening and weekend hours. And our emergency department is always open. Quick Links Find Urgent Care Find […]

Endocrinology & Diabetes

The endocrine system is made of eight glands that produce many hormones. Hormones go through the bloodstream to the organs and tissues telling various parts of the body how to form and function. These hormones are responsible for growth, development, reproduction, sexual function, mood, and metabolism (how the body converts food and drink to energy). […]

ENERGY Nutrition Workbook and Videos

The ENERGY Nutrition workbook and videos are your guide to making sure that your whole family is getting essential nutrients. We cover topics such as reading food labels, serving the correct portion sizes, and eating healthy while dining out, as well as recipes for delicious and nutritious meals and snacks. Download ENERGY Nutrition Workbook Libro […]

Esophagrams, Upper GI, And Small Bowel Series…Oh My!

X-rays are incredibly powerful tools that allow physicians to look inside the human body. By using little electromagnetic waves, they create images of your child’s bones, tissues, and organs, which makes diagnosing and treating injuries and illnesses easier and more effective. From examining a broken leg to diagnosing pneumonia in the lungs, X-rays can be […]

Everything You Need To Know About Your Child’s Nuclear Medicine Scan

Thanks to medical imaging, physicians have had the ability to see inside the body using tests such as X-rays, computerized tomography (CT), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Sometimes, they need to see more functional data than these are able to provide, which is when nuclear medicine may be used. Nuclear medicine allows your child’s physician […]

Everything You Need to Know About Your Child’s Upper Endoscopy — in a Nutshell

An upper endoscopy — also called esophagogastroduodenoscopy or EGD — looks directly into your child’s esophagus, stomach, and small intestine. A physician may order an upper endoscopy if your child has stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting, or trouble growing. Learn more about upper endoscopy from the North American Society forPediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition. What To […]

Fetal Care Center

Welcoming a new baby into the world is a very exciting, life-changing event. But when your baby is born with a complex, congenital condition, it also can be a frightening time. The Fetal Care Center is for mothers whose babies have been identified as high risk for serious birth defects or health conditions that may need […]

Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition

Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center treats kids from birth to age 19 who are struggling with a variety of eating and digestive problems — from abdominal pain to constipation to food allergies to liver disease. In addition to diagnosing and treating a wide range of issues, our team of gastroenterologists […]


How many times have you heard someone say, “It’s genetic”? Many people know the general meaning of what it means to have a genetic condition — it runs in the family. But the actual process of running in the family is a bit more complex. Quick Genetics 101 Lesson The body is made up of […]

Get To Know You Visit with Pediatrician

Welcome to Children’s Physicians, the best place for kids! Whether you’re about to become a parent or you’re looking for a new pediatrician for your family, it’s important to feel comfortable with your primary care provider. A get-to-know-you visit is a free opportunity to casually meet a physician before scheduling well visits and sick visits […]


Glucagon is a hormone that is produced in the pancreas by the alpha cells. It acts as a messenger in the body to cause stored sugars to be released from the liver. When Do I Use Glucagon? Use when your child is having a low blood sugar causing seizures (uncontrolled movements), OR if your child […]

Helmet Clinic

The Helmet Clinic, now a part of Children’s Hospital & Medical Center of Omaha’s Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Department, specializes in evaluating, diagnosing, and treating infants with an abnormal head shape. The only clinic of its kind in the region, we have diagnosed and cared for thousands of infants, correcting abnormal head shapes for over […]

Here’s What Happens When Your Child Needs A Catheter Or IV:

Water, blood, saliva— there are plenty of liquids inside your child’s body. They all play an important role in keeping your child healthy. However, sometimes your child may need to have a liquid, such as medication, injected, or they may need to have liquid, such as urine, removed. Fortunately, these processes are both simple and […]

Home Healthcare

 0:37 — Overview of Children’s Home Healthcare Services 0:56 — Our hours of operation 1:13 — What to do if services are interrupted due to weather or natural disasters 1:31 — Your patient rights and responsibilities 1:57 — About patient charges (billing) 2:40 — Your right to provide parent feedback 3:02 — Information about advance directives for children 19 years […]

Hospital Medicine & Inpatient Care

At Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, we want your child to feel comfortable during an inpatient stay. One of the ways we do that is through pediatric hospitalist care. Hospitalists are physicians who focus on treating patients staying at the hospital. You cannot make an appointment with a hospitalist. Once your child is checked into […]

How a PEG Tube Can Help Your Child Eat — Without Their Mouth

If your child is unable to eat enough food, drink enough liquids, or take important medications by mouth, they may not be getting the nutrients and medicine they need. Their provider may recommend a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) tube to give them a little help.   What is a PEG Tube? A PEG tube is […]

How Does Radioiodine Therapy Treat My Child’s Thyroid Disease?

Children have a lot of energy — and they need it for things like playing outside, learning in school, and growing. Their body helps convert the food they eat into energy using a process called metabolism. This process is controlled by a very important organ called their thyroid gland. Your child’s thyroid is a butterfly-shaped […]

How to Make the Transition from Pediatric to Adult Cardiac Care

As adolescent patients with congenital heart defects (CHDs) enter adulthood, it is important for them to maintain regular cardiac care, including routine testing, check-ups and medications. Teens may become overwhelmed with the responsibility of taking over their own health care decisions and management; however, the Children’s team offers education and resources to help seamlessly transition […]

How To Support Your Child At School When They Have Diabetes

Back-to-school season can be all about buying new school supplies, meeting new teachers and making new friends. But when your child has diabetes, returning to school raises concerns about keeping them healthy. The good news is there are ways to stay prepared, keep everyone informed, and make sure your child stays safe and healthy throughout […]

Hyperglycemia & Ketones

Hyperglycemia means high blood sugar. Blood sugar will be high if there is not enough insulin present in the body to carry the glucose (sugar) in the blood stream to the cells of the body so the sugar can be used for energy. When there is not enough insulin or calories (sugar) present to produce […]

Hyperglycemia And Ketoacidosis: What Should You Do If Your Child Has High Blood Sugar?

Managing your child’s blood sugar levels can be challenging, but it’s very important to keep them healthy. Children with diabetes don’t have enough insulin in their body to carry glucose (sugar) to the cells of their body to use for energy. When this glucose isn’t used up, it can cause high blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia). […]

Hypoglycemia: What Should You Do If Your Child Has Low Blood Sugar?

What your child eats, their energy, stress, illness, or even a sunburn — all of these can cause changes in your child’s blood sugar. It’s normal for their blood sugar levels to go up and down throughout the day and night, and if it stays in a healthy range, it may not even be noticeable. […]

Infectious Diseases

You’re up-to-date on their vaccinations, taught them to wash their hands — but each time they go outside, they risk exposure. Although you’ve done your best, germs are a part of life, especially for children. Many germs are harmless, and some can actually be helpful. They can break down vitamins, and protect the body from […]

Infusion Center

The Specialty Pediatric Infusion Center provides outpatient service for pediatric patients requiring infusion therapy services. Infusions are administered by a staff of specially trained nurses. An Advance Practice Provider is always also present within the Pediatric Infusion Center to ensure medical needs are addressed quickly and allowing for streamlined communication to the ordering provider when […]

Injury Prevention

The Injury Prevention Program at Children’s is committed to decreasing the incidence of traumatic injuries through multi-faceted, community-based child safety education programs. Dedicated to Keeping Kids Safe Children’s Injury Prevention Staff are available to help inform parents, educators, and child safety advocates about injury prevention by: Teaching families about child safety, injury risks, and prevention […]


Insulin is a hormone that lowers blood sugars by moving sugar out of the blood stream and into the cells of the body for energy. It’s produced in the beta cells of the pancreas. Insulin is essential for life. Rapid/Short Acting Insulin Insulin Name Onset Peak Max Duration Shelf Life (once opened) Humalog 15 – […]

Interventional Radiology Clinic

Interventional radiology uses radiological tools — such as X-ray, CT scan, ultrasound, or MRI — to diagnose and treat various medical conditions. At the Interventional Radiology Clinic at Children’s, the common procedures we use include: What To Do Next For Referring Providers The Physicians’ Priority Line is your 24-hour link to pediatric specialists at Children’s […]

Metabolic Management Program

The Metabolic Management Program at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center is the only program in the region that specializes in treating inherited metabolic diseases and childhood bone diseases. We have two separate clinics within the Metabolic Management Program: the Inherited Metabolic Disease Clinic and the Bone Metabolic Disease Clinic. The clinics are led by board-certified medical geneticists. Our […]

Motility Disorders Program

With every bit of food that goes into their mouth, your child’s digestive tract is hard at work. The digestive tract includes four parts: esophagus, stomach, small intestine, and large intestine. Gastrointestinal motility is the movement of food through this tract, from the time food enters the mouth through when it’s eliminated from the body. […]

MRI: A Look Behind The Scenes Of Your Child’s Body

Magnets may seem magical — they help store data in computers, they power speakers in your stereo, and they hold up all of those important drawings on your fridge. More importantly, they save lives when they’re used in medical tools like magnetic resonance imaging scans — or MRIs. MRIs are scans that use a magnetic […]

My Child Needs a Colonoscopy — What Should I Know?

The colon — also known as the large intestine — is where stool is formed, stored, and then pushed out. A colonoscopy is a test uses a small tube with a mounted camera and light on it to look directly at the lining of the colon. Your child may need a colonoscopy if they have […]

My Child Needs a pH Probe Study. What Does That Mean?

The esophagus — also known as the feeding tube — is a muscular tube that brings food and liquid from the mouth to the stomach. A pH probe study uses a small tube with a sensor attached to record acid levels in your child’s stomach over the course of 18 to 24 hours. These measurements […]

Nasogastric (NG) Tube: The Road To Home

Your child needs nutrients to grow, but what happens when they have trouble eating or drinking? If your child needs a little extra help with feedings or with getting enough daily calories, their physician may recommend a nasogastric (NG) tube. An NG tube brings food and medicine to your child’s stomach through their nose so […]

Neonatology (NICU)

Imagine newborns so tiny one can easily fit in your hand. These newborns, often premature or born with complications, need specialized care and attention to overcome the challenges ahead and succeed in one of the hardest battles of their lives. The Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Children’s Nebraska, where neonatology services are delivered, is […]


The kidneys are two organs that are responsible for filtering waste and toxins out of the bloodstream. If your child’s kidneys aren’t functioning correctly, your child may need to see a nephrologist — a provider who specializes in kidney disease. At Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, our nephrology team diagnoses and manages many different kidney […]


Children’s Nebraska brings together the best hearts and minds in pediatric neurology, offering the safest, highest-quality care so children can thrive. Our team comprises specialists with decades of experience offering patient-centered, compassionate care. By working with providers across specialties, our Neurology team can address the full spectrum of care and create personalized care plans for […]


With the best hearts and minds in pediatric neurosciences, Children’s Nebraska is dedicated to shaping the future of pediatric medicine through exceptional care, advocacy, research and education. Children’s Neurosciences Center, equipped with world-class pediatric neurosurgical suites and personalized, comprehensive pediatric continuum of care, serves patient families from across the region. Children’s Neurosciences team provides the […]


When surgery is necessary, every child deserves the safest, highest-quality pediatric care. Children’s Nebraska’s expert Pediatric Neurosurgery team uses evidence-based, data-driven practices and provides comprehensive diagnostic testing, medical consensus, a detailed plan of care and sophisticated treatment options so our patients can thrive. Children’s world-class surgical suites, located in the Hubbard Center for Children, provide […]

Nitrous Oxide: Keeping Your Child Calm During A Procedure

Going to the doctor can bring up a lot of emotions for your child. They may experience some unfamiliar situations that cause anxiety, and they may need to have some procedures that cause some discomfort. Fortunately, there are resources, such as child life specialists, that can make you and your child as comfortable as possible […]

Occupational Therapy

At Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, pediatric occupational therapy focuses on improving your child’s ability to perform everyday tasks — such as getting dressed, eating unassisted, reaching and grasping toys, handwriting, or developing social skills. Occupational therapists at Children’s work with children from birth through 21 years of age. What Sets Children’s Apart? Our occupational therapists […]

Ophthalmology (Eye Care)

Our vision is precious. We use our eyes not only to take in information about our world, but also to connect and communicate our feelings with those around us. Children’s Hospital & Medical Center Ophthalmology specializes in helping children of all ages protect and maintain healthy eyes by providing comprehensive medical and surgical eye care […]

Optical Shop

When your child tries on a new pair of eyeglasses, it can be an exciting day. Between the challenge of choosing the perfect pair or the stress from looking at the price tag, a glasses shopping trip can become a little overwhelming. At Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, we want to make shopping for your […]

Orthopedic Tip Sheets: Caring For Pins, Casts, Splints & Crutches

Your child recently had an orthopedic injury. They have sprained their ankle or broken their wrist. They’ve gone to the physician and gotten a treatment plan. Now, it’s time to go home. But what do you do now? The original trauma and pain may be over, but your child may not be completely healed — […]


Orthopedic conditions refer to issues dealing with limbs and the spine. This can mean anything from a sprained wrist to a lifelong neurological disorder like cerebral palsy. At Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, we know that it doesn’t matter if the condition is mild or severe, temporary or permanent — our top goal is to […]

Osteogenesis Imperfecta Clinic

At Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, we believe that every child deserves to live an active lifestyle, with hope for a bright future. But if your child has brittle bone disease or osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) — a genetic disorder where your child has fragile bones that break easily — this can be a little bit […]

Palliative Care

Facing your child’s serious illness is about more than symptoms and treatments. It’s about coping with uncertainty in what’s likely the toughest experience you’ve ever had. You are not alone in this journey. The Hand in Hand Palliative Care team at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center is here to make sure your child is comfortable, […]


Pathology & Lab Services Your child’s provider may refer your child for lab tests to help diagnose or determine the right treatment for certain conditions. These tests may involve taking samples such as blood, urine, tissue, and other body fluids. At Children’s Nebraska our board-certified pediatric Pathologists are specialty trained. They work directly with physicians […]

Pediatric & Adolescent Gynecology

Almost every teen and parent will agree — adolescence can be a little bit difficult. And that’s especially true for young females who are starting to have gynecologic concerns. Teens, and even younger girls, have these concerns. They want to learn about what to expect as they get older and have accurate health information. Parents […]

Pediatric Anesthesia

Making surgery as comfortable and stress-free as possible for kids is one of our top priorities at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center. Because children’s anesthesia needs are so different, the pediatric anesthesiologists at Children’s are specially trained and experienced to tailor anesthesia and pain management for children and teens whose bodies are still growing. At […]

Pediatric Care With Children’s Physicians

Children’s Physicians is the primary care pediatric group for Children’s Nebraska. We have more than 50 pediatricians, pediatric nurse practitioners, and physician assistants located in several offices throughout the Omaha metro community and Kearney, Nebraska. Our providers understand the unique needs of kids — from making sure children are growing and developing normally to providing […]

Pediatric Dialysis

Every time your child takes a sip of their milk, juice, or any other beverage, they’re putting their kidneys to work. Kidneys play a crucial role in your child’s health by removing waste and extra fluid from the body. Kidneys are rarely given credit for all the work they do — until they’re not working. […]

Pediatric Gastroenterology Patient Education

Is your child having digestive health problems? Here are some of the tests they may need. What To Do Next For Patients Make An Appointment To make an appointment, call 402-955-5700. For Referring Providers The Physicians’ Priority Line is your 24-hour link to pediatric specialists at Children’s for referrals, emergency, and urgent consults, physician-to-physician consults, admissions, […]

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)

It’s hard to watch your child get sick — especially when they have a life-threatening illness. All you want is for your child to get better. We do, too. Our Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)’s goal is to do exactly that. Our PICU is continuously staffed by physicians, nurses, and other providers who are trained […]

Pediatric Radiology Patient Education

When your child needs a radiology (imaging) test, what should they expect? Learn more about the different types of radiology exams, how to prepare, and what you and your child can expect before, during, and after the test. What To Do Next For Patients Your child will need an order from a provider to schedule […]

Performing Arts Program

The Performing Artist Program at Children’s Hospital and Medical Center is a team of specialists dedicated to treating youth, adolescent, and young adult performing artists of all levels and abilities. Specific performing arts we specialize in include: Performing artists devote significant time and effort to their practice and injuries can set them back both physically […]


Understanding your children’s prescription can be complex. Delivering accurate prescription service with proper medication is an important step in helping children heal and thrive. Children’s Pharmacy is committed to meeting all your medication needs and giving our very best to your child. Pharmacist Assistance Children’s pharmacists have direct access to your doctors, nurses and other […]

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy isn’t just for injured athletes. It’s for children who are struggling with movement or mobility because of an illness, injury, or developmental delay. Pediatric physical therapy at Children’s is aimed at improving your child’s ability to function independently and be active in daily life. Our physical therapists work with you and your child […]

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

At Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, we understand that birth defects or traumas can be difficult and overwhelming — especially when they are visible or affect a child’s development. And that’s why our specialists are here to help children ages 0 to 21 through all of their plastic surgery needs. What Sets Children’s Apart? When […]

Preparing for Surgery

How would you describe your feelings when you first found out your child needed surgery? Fear and anxiety? A bring-it-on readiness to finally get treatment? However, you feel, we’ve seen it all. The pediatric surgeons at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center have the same goal as you: to resolve your child’s medical issue and see […]

Pulmonary Diagnostics Laboratory

Between the wheezes, sneezes, and shortness of breath, your child’s physician suspects a pulmonary disorder — a condition that affects the lungs and breathing. The physician is pretty sure they know what the diagnosis it, but they need to confirm it in order to start your child on the best treatment plan. And that’s where […]

Pulmonary Medicine

On a normal day, you take nearly 25,000 breaths. Your child takes even more: An infant may take more than 86,000 breaths each day. As we breathe, our lungs take in oxygen and bring it to the bloodstream. From there, it is delivered throughout the body, allowing body parts to grow and function. The lungs […]


Radiologists and parents have something major in common — we are always taking pictures of our children. As a parent, your camera roll is probably filled with the birthday parties, milestones, and fun moments you’ve captured. Our pictures aren’t quite as pretty, but they are just as important. The pictures we take show us the […]

Rehabilitation Services

Imagine a place where therapy is child’s play. If your child needs help reaching their potential after an accident, illness, or injury, Children’s Hospital & Medical Center’s Rehabilitation Services is exactly the place. As the go-to providers for pediatric occupational, physical, and speech therapy in and around Omaha, the team at Children’s Rehabilitation Services is […]


All children feel aches and pains at some point. Usually, with the right care and a little bit of time, there’s nothing to worry about. But what about when aches and pains occur every day and seemingly for no reason? If your child shows persistent limping, signs of chronic inflammation, or has a prolonged illness, […]

Sleep Disorders Program

Good sleep is important for your child, no matter if they are a baby, a toddler or a teenager. During a sound sleep, your child’s body gets extra help from blood flow and hormones to help with growth and development. That’s why children spend 40% of their childhood sleeping. But if your child is struggling […]

Speech Therapy (Speech Language Pathology)

From birth, children learn to communicate in a variety of ways. They lock eyes with you. They gesture. They babble, and eventually those babbles turn to words, sentences, and questions. But when your child has a hard time communicating — either because of a language disorder or an underlying medical condition — pediatric speech therapy […]

Spine Deformity Program

Your spine is an essential part of your body. Running all the way from your upper back to your lower back, your spine plays a wide range of roles, from helping you stand up straight to allowing you to bend and twist to holding up your head, neck, and upper body. If your child has […]

Sports Injuries: Concussions

Concussions are traumatic brain injuries that occur when a blow or jolt to the head or body causes the brain to bounce off of the bony surface of the skull. These are serious injuries that can affect how the brain functions. Many concussions heal on their own with plenty of rest and limited physical activity. […]

Sports Injuries: Heat Illnesses

Heat illnesses occur when your young athlete is exposed to extremely high temperatures and humidity, and their body is unable to cool down. Types of heat illness can range in severity, from mild cramps to life-threatening heat stroke. Heat Illness Prevention Heat illnesses are 100% preventable. Make sure that your young athlete: Gets a pre-participation […]

Sports Injuries: Strains & Sprains, Overuse Injuries & Infections

Did you know that more than 3.5 million US children under age 14 get hurt every year while playing sports? At the Sports Medicine Clinic at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, we see many young athletes who have sports injuries. And if you are a parent, coach, athletic trainer, or school administrator, we highly recommend […]

Sports Injuries: Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Sudden cardiac arrest occurs when your adolescent or teen’s heart suddenly develops a dangerously high heart rate, causing the heart to stop effectively pumping blood throughout the body. This usually happens because of an undiagnosed heart disorder. Since sudden cardiac arrest is more likely during exercise or physical activity, athletes are at […]

Sports Medicine

COVID-19 Update for Providers: All patients who have had COVID-19 should consult a provider before returning to play. Learn more about return to play. Some adolescents play sports. Some adolescents live them. We get that! The last couple of decades have seen an increase in athletic participation among adolescents and teens. That also means an increase […]

Sports Physical Therapy

Whether your child just joined Little League or is a star high school athlete, your job is the same — to challenge them and cheer them on. It also means making sure they stay safe and healthy when they play. And if an injury does occur, it means getting them the care they need to […]


At Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, our surgical team is dedicated to keeping you and your child safe and comfortable throughout the whole surgery process, from the consultation to the recovery. Children’s is the only medical center in the region that is devoted solely to pediatrics. Our providers recognize that children aren’t just miniature adults […]

The Very Best for Newborns

Welcoming a new baby is one of the most joyous experiences in life. It also can be one of the most overwhelming. At Children’s Physicians, we are here to help you and your child along the way. Our pediatricians serve as an extension of your family and are dedicated to providing the very best health […]

Thyroid Clinic

The thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland in the neck that sits just above the collarbone and wraps around the windpipe. Its main function is to regulate metabolism — the process your body uses to transform food into the energy that is needed for the body for the function. The thyroid does this by producing […]

Tools & Resources to Help Track Blood Sugars

Meter Based OneTouch Reveal® App (OneTouch Verio Flex) Contour® Diabetes App (Bayer Contour Next One) Accu-Chek® Connect App (Accu-Chek Aviva Connect) Log Books MySugr Logbook Diabetes Pilot Diabetes Connect AgaMatrix® Diabetes Manager Glucose Buddy Counting Carbs CalorieKing™ MyFitness Pal Nutrition Nutrino (meal suggestions) Suggestic (nutrition coaching) Insulin Dose Calculators Diabetes 360 Lite Pump/CGM Simulators Dexcom […]

Transport (Critical Care)

Critical Care Transport Team The Critical Care Transport team at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center is available 24 hours a day to provide state-of-the-art care and transportation to pediatric patients ranging from extreme prematurity through adolescence. We are the only team in Nebraska specializing in the stabilization and care of neonatal and pediatric patients. Transportation […]


Effective care of injured children requires a comprehensive and inclusive approach that recognizes childhood injuries as a major public health problem, identifies effective strategies for prevention, improves systems of emergency medical care for children, and provides the highest quality of pediatric trauma care. Injured children require special resources dedicated to their care. What Sets Children’s […]

Traveling Tips When Your Child Has Diabetes

Whether you’re going to Hawaii or to grandma’s house, vacations are supposed to be fun. They can mean a break from the routine of work or school — but not from diabetes. Still, diabetes should not stop you from traveling and enjoying it, but there are a few things that you need to consider to […]

Understanding Your Child’s Diabetes: What Are Insulin and Glucagon?

Your child’s hormones are always at work. They tell each part of their body — from their skin to their heart to their kidneys — what to do and how to do it. They’re essential to health and wellbeing, but when your child has diabetes, some of these hormones don’t work as they should. Insulin […]


Pediatric Urologists are surgical specialists trained to treat structural and functional conditions of the male and female genitourinary organs.  These include the kidneys, ureters, bladder, urethra, penis, testicles, and vagina. The Section of Pediatric Urology at Children’s Nebraska offers comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services for diseases of the urinary and genital tract for children from […]

Ways Your Family Can Cope With Your Child’s Diabetes

If your child has just been diagnosed with diabetes, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. Some parents say that they want to hear that everything will be okay, and your lives will return to a new normal. This is all true, but before life reaches your “new normal,” many families experience a period of shock, disbelief, […]

Weight & Wellness

The Weight & Wellness program at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center is not a diet program — the focus is on medical weight management and our goal is to help your child be as healthy as possible. Our team includes experts from multiple specialties who are ready to assist your family in developing healthier habits. […]

What Does It Mean If My Child Needs a Liver Biopsy?

The liver is the largest organ in the body. It helps the body digest food, store energy, and get rid of poisons. During a liver biopsy, the provider will take a small sample of the liver to test in a lab. Your child may need a liver biopsy if they have liver-related jaundice, enlarged or […]

What Does It Mean When Your Child Has Immune Thrombocytopenia Purpura (ITP)?

When your child scrapes their elbow or bruises their knee, blood vessels become broken, and blood escapes. The body responds quickly to prevent too much blood from escaping, using a process called blood clotting — when tiny cells in the blood clump together to fill small holes in the blood vessels that have been damaged. […]

What Does It Mean When Your Child Has Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency?

Stress is regulated by a hormone called cortisol — and it’s vital to your child’s health and wellbeing. Stress can happen if your child gets sick with the flu or breaks a bone. Cortisol is the “stress hormone.” It helps to keep your child’s blood pressure and blood sugar normal and helps the body respond […]

What Does It Mean When Your Child Has Sickle Cell Disease?

Your child’s blood has many important jobs. It brings oxygen and nutrients to their organs, carries cells to fight off infections, and carries waste to their kidneys and liver to be filtered out of their body. In other words, healthy blood is vital to your child’s health. Blood is made up of: Plasma: the liquid […]

What is An Antroduodenal Manometry Test?

Every time your child eats, the food moves throughout the digestive tract. This is called gastrointestinal motility. Nerves and muscles contract during digestion to move food along the tract, from the mouth to the toilet. When there is a problem with gastrointestinal motility, it can cause problems like heartburn, diarrhea, or constipation. If your child’s […]

What is EOS Imaging?

Children’s offers a low dose, 3D X-Ray imaging system — the EOS system® — that uses 50 to 80% less radiation than a typical X-Ray. This enables us to provide As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) imaging, which means it limits your child’s exposure to radiation to the lowest and safest amount possible to still […]

What Should I Expect When My Child Needs A CT Scan?

Every minute of the day, your child’s organs, bones, and tissues are hard at work to keep them healthy. Their heart is pumping blood to the rest of their body, their lungs are taking in oxygen-rich air, their kidneys are getting rid of any waste — all of these jobs are essential to your child’s […]

What Should You Do If Your Child With Diabetes Is Sick?

From colds to flu to strep throat — getting sick is a common experience for children. This can already be a stressful experience for both parents and children, but when your child has diabetes, you have more things to consider to keep your child healthy. Some illnesses may impact your child’s blood sugar or ketone […]

What To Expect When Your Child Needs A Hydrogen Breath Test

A hydrogen breath test can help determine whether your child has a sugar intolerance. Candy, fruits, milk — there’s sugar in many of the foods your child might love. Though they may be tasty, they may also make some children feel sick. Your child’s body is supposed to break down sugar and use it for […]

What to Know About Your Child’s Gastric Emptying Test

A hearty meal may leave your child feeling full and satisfied. A little too much dairy can give them an upset stomach. These are just normal parts of eating, and usually are not cause for concern. But if your child often feels very full after eating, has frequent stomach aches or vomiting, or is not […]

When To Adjust Your Child’s Insulin Dose

The role of insulin in your child’s body is important: it allows their body to take the glucose (sugar) from the food they eat and convert it to energy. Children with diabetes either no longer make insulin or can’t use it effectively, which means they will need insulin injections to keep their body functioning as […]

Where’s the Lead Apron?

You may notice that we no longer shield patients’ reproductive organs during imaging exams, including Radiography, CT, and Fluoroscopy. Based on over 70 years of research, medical experts now know that the best way to keep patients safe during imaging exams is to not use shields. This is true at any age, including those who […]

Why Does My Child Need A Water Soluble Enema?

Whether it’s a healthy dinner or an enjoyable snack, the food your child eats is essential to their wellbeing. In order for their body to properly use and dispose of that food, their colon needs to be healthy and work effectively. Some illnesses and abnormalities in the colon can cause pain, constipation, or blood in […]

Why Does My Child Need Contrast Dye?

Medical imaging allows your child’s physician to see inside their body, making it much easier to diagnose and treat injuries and illnesses. These procedures, such as X-rays, computed tomography (CT), nuclear medicine, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and ultrasound, create images of your child’s organs without the need for surgery. To improve these pictures, your child’s […]


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