Helping Your Teen Manage Their Weight — Without Shaming or Pressuring Them

Weight is a sensitive subject at any age. For teenagers, it can be especially touchy. Whether due to social media, peer pressure, changes in their body, or simply growing up, teens often fixate on their weight, which can lead to unhealthy behaviors.

Maintaining a healthy weight is critical at all ages. But as your teen develops their own view of themselves and the world, don’t push them to fixate on weight. Instead, nurture their sense of self by encouraging healthy eating, regular exercise, and taking care of both their mind and body.

Use this quiz to learn more about how to tackle this tricky subject and how you can help your teen develop healthy habits and live a healthy life.

If you feel that your teen’s weight is damaging to their mental or physical health, talk to their Children’s Omaha pediatrician.

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