Body Image and Weight Management

For Teens


Signs That Your Friend May Have An Eating Disorder — And How You Can Help

Do you suspect that your friend has an eating disorder? Here are some of the telltale signs, and how you can help.



You’re Starting To Prepare Your Own Meals: A Teen’s Guide To A Balanced Diet

As you start cooking your own meals, here are some food groups to include — and ones to avoid.



4 Body Positive Phrases You Need To Know Before Losing Weight

Managing your weight is important for your health — and so is staying body positive while you do it. Here are 4 ways to stay body positive as you lose and manage your weight.


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For Parents


Telling Your Teen To Lose Weight Won’t Work. Here’s What Will.

Here are 5 ways to safely and effectively encourage teenage weight management, from family dinners to “sneaking” in exercise.



Helping Your Teen Manage Their Weight — Without Shaming Or Pressuring Them

Learn how to support your teen’s weight management efforts and promote and healthy lifestyle choices.



Eating Disorders In Teenagers Are On The Rise During COVID-19. Here’s Why:

Eating disorders in teenagers have been increasing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Take a look at what’s behind the rise in disorders and what you can do if you suspect that your teen has an eating disorder.


Keep Checking Back

Keep checking in for information on helping your teen manage their weight and maintain a positive body image.

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