Nurse Residency Program At Children’s: Hospital Track

At Children’s Nebraska, we strive to provide nurses with, comprehensive education and training. We are committed to ensuring that you are part of a program that meets your individual needs and interests.

That is why our Nurse Residency Program offers two tracks for residents to choose from: Ambulatory or Hospital.

Hospital nurse residents are hired directly to a specific area.

Learn more about our Ambulatory Track.

Program Structure & Curriculum

This track provide experience in hospital inpatient departments, including the CCU, ED, Inpatient Float Pool Team, medical/surgical, hematology/oncology, NICU, PICU, OR and CARES/PACU.

Upon hire, you will complete new orientation for employees and attend our skills validation course in our clinical skills lab. The next step is starting area-specific orientation with your preceptor. You will work 1:1 with a preceptor to learn the knowledge and skills of caring for patients in the area’s specialty.

You will work primarily 12-hour shifts, with the exception of a few designated days for classroom instruction. There are scheduled educational sessions and cohort meetings which you will be expected to attend. Upon completion of your orientation requirements, you will work independently as a full-time staff member of your area.

The Nurse Residency Program cohort meetings focus on incorporating these key concepts into your practice:

  • Family-centered care
  • Communication skills
  • Well-being initiatives
  • Nursing care for common conditions
  • Professional development
  • Evidence-based practice

Program activities are engaging using case studies, simulation, and creative learning. All activities promote the development of your critical thinking skills to anticipate pediatric patient care needs. Each cohort meeting includes time for debriefing and coping skills. Support is a key element in developing self-assurance.

Hours and Shifts

You will generally work 36 hours per week on the night shift. Depending on the staffing needs of the area, there may be other shift opportunities available.

Hospital-based areas for hire

  • Cardiac Care Unit – CCU

    The CCU is a new patient care model, opening in the Hubbard Center for Children in 2021. The CCU will be a 32 bed adaptable acuity unit, providing high quality care to all cardiac patients across the continuum from admission to discharge. The CCU nurse will care for patients with a primary cardiac diagnosis with acuity levels ranging from critically ill patients to those discharging home.

    The Cardiac Care Unit patient population includes patients requiring pre and post-surgical repair and/or heart catheterization, medical patients with heart failure, transplant, shock, pulmonary hypertension, and patients needing ECMO support.

    The most common cardiac patients are those that are pre and post-surgical repair and under a year of age. Right now, our cardiac patients are being cared for by our passionate CCU team in the current physical space (NICU, PICU, and 5MS). All of these patients and our team will all move over to the new CCU once open in the Hubbard Center for Children in 2021!

    Learn more about the Hubbard Center for Children.

  • Emergency Department – ED

    The Emergency Department is 15-bed unit that cares for approximately 35,000 patients yearly. Our team cares for patients of all ages, with a wide variety of diagnoses and injuries. Our ED is a Verified Level II Pediatric Trauma Center, with nearly 1,000 trauma patients per year. If you are adaptable, thrive in a fluid and fast-paced environment, and love variety and challenge, you will be right at home!

    Our department provides high-level care to everything from the sickest of the sick to the well-child checks and everything in-between with a multidisciplinary team that is ready for whatever comes through the door, 24/7.

  • Inpatient Float Pool Team

    Do you enjoy caring for a variety of patients and continuously learning and expanding your skill set? Our inpatient float pool nurses care for patients in all areas of the hospital including the medical-surgical units, the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, our level IV Newborn Intensive Care Unit, Cardiac Care Unit, and occasionally in Short Stay. We are a large team that values teamwork, positivity, flexibility, and seeing new things every day.
  • 4 Med Surg

    Our Med/Surg staff plays an integral role in making it happen for patients on a day-to-day basis. If you feel passionate about supporting children with a focus on respiratory considerations including asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, ventilatory assistance, and other general medical/surgical needs, you might be a great fit on the 4 Med/Surg team.
  • 5 Med Surg

    This 24 bed unit focuses on caring primarily for patients with neurological diseases and any patient with general medical surgical needs. Our 6 bed epilepsy monitoring unit is located on 5 med Surg so if you have a passion for caring for patients with epilepsy, this is the unit for you!
  • 6 Med Surg

    6 Med/Surg is a 23 bed unit specializing in Surgical Urology, Neurosurgery, Plastics, Orthopedics and Osteogenesis Imperfecta, Pedi Surg, Trauma/Rehab, Dialysis/Nephrology, Musculoskeletal (MSK) infections.
  • Hematology/Oncology

    Our 20 bed hematology/oncology unit cares for children with all types of blood and cancer disorders, including leukemia and sickle cell. Care for newly diagnosed and chronic endocrine disorders are also our specialty. If you feel passionate about supporting children with diagnoses related to hematology/oncology and  endocrinology you would be a great fit on the Hematology/Oncology team.
  • Newborn Intensive Care – NICU

    Our nationally recognized gold level Beacon Award winning NICU, is a 40-bed, Level IV unit that provides care to the region’s most critically ill and premature neonates. NICU nurses care for infants with a variety of complex medical and surgical needs. Common diagnoses include respiratory distress, pulmonary hypertension, sepsis, gastrointestinal disease, neurological defects, and congenital anomalies. NICU will continue to provide pre-op and post-op care to infants with cardiac disease who are 34 weeks gestation and less even when the CCU opens in 2021.
  • Operating Room – OR

    The OR schedules approximately 40-50 patients per day running 10-14 anesthetizing locations. A wide variety of surgical procedures are performed at our facility from ear tubes to heart transplantation. In the OR, the nurse provides care as a circulator but is also trained to scrub cases too! If you are someone that enjoys procedures and assisting with them, this would be a great fit for you.
  • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit – PICU

    The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) is a nationally-recognized gold level Beacon Award unit. The 13-bed dual-unit is home to the most critical patients in the hospital. It is a unit that allows for diversity in patient type, experience, and skill set from: trauma, ECMO, intubated respiratory, neuro, and any patient that requires more frequent and intensive monitoring. It also contains a team that is passionate about teamwork, learning and education, and providing quality and safe patient care.

    The team is made up of nurses, a 24-hour in-house PICU intensivist, and many Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners that provide quality care. There are many challenging patient situations that occur in the PICU when caring for some of the sickest kiddos, but the ability to see a patient who came in coding get to transfer home or to a med/surg floor is something that is indescribable. That is the beauty of becoming a PICU nurse.


    CARES Ambulatory Service & Recovery (CARES) is a 35 bed Pre/Post Surgical Unit with a 7 bay Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) and a 6 bed Surgical Observational Unit (SOU). Our interdisciplinary team, consisting of nursing, advanced practice providers, surgeons, and anesthesia care for 40-50 patients daily, preparing our pediatric patients for surgery and caring for our patients as they recover from anesthesia and surgery. Our nurses are trained in caring for patients pre- and post-operatively as well as up to 24 hours post-surgery in the SOU.

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